Church History Covenant

June 13, 2019 · 246 words · 2 minute read Covenant   Church History  

This is the covenant to be signed by the attendees and leaders of the ISM Summer Study Series on Church History.

I, _____________________________, will strive with my utmost effort to listen, participate, read, and study to the utmost of my God-given abilities for the purpose of learning about the sovereign acts and works of God throughout the early centuries of the Church through the writings of and descriptions about men and women who claimed Christ as their Savior during the extent of the ISM Summer Study Series on Church History.

As part of the work for this study series, I covenant to read for a minimum of one (1) hour per day for the extent of this series. This reading will consist of at least thirty (30) minutes of Scripture (reader’s choice) and at least thirty (30) minutes of any other literature related to the Bible, Church History, or Theology. I covenant to read the reading assignments assigned in class (these will count towards your thirty minutes of extra-biblical, daily reading).

As a part of faithfully learning about Church History, I also covenant to attend each week, as I am able, with a heart and mind ready to learn and participate. Content from each week will be posted to our study series’ website.

The lessons each week will be structured like a college class with a lecture designed to introduce the topic at hand. Discussion time will also be provided to talk-out and work through the topics of the lecture and reading. I covenant to wear a collared shirt and pants when attending.

Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ______________________