Dealing with Doubts

July 5, 2018 · 124 words · 1 minute read Doubts   Question  

If you have found yourself serving in the Church, following Christ, and studying His word only to find yourself confronted with formidable questions and doubts, it can be a paralyzing experience. What do you do? Do you keep studying the book you have so many questions about? Do you keep serving in the Church? In this post, I offer some principles for dealing with doubts and questions in a productive, God-honoring way.

Here are some practical principles I have come up with:

  • Don’t wallow in doubt
  • Don’t stay isolated (and don’t isolate yourself)
  • With respect to God’s word, be (James 1):
    • quick to listen
    • slow to speak
    • slow to become angry
  • Pray like crazy! - Follow the example of David, James 1, Jesus, and the Apostles (see also some thoughts on prayerlessness)
  • Trust God’s sovereignty
  • Address the issues head-on
  • When in doubt, trust the boundaries and means of Grace God has given
  • No friendly-fire! Don’t burn bridges between you and those with whom you disagree. Even if you disagree about something that you think is very important (and it may well be extremely important), don’t let this produce anger or bitterness between you and that person.