Passages for a Preliminary Understanding of the Plagues and the Exodus

September 16, 2017 · 213 words · 1 minute read Plagues   Pharaoh   Exodus   Old Testament  

When we think about Israel’s time in Egypt, the plagues, and Israel’s Exodus from Egypt, there are a few passages that are important to keep in mind.

  • Genesis 15:13-16 - Israel’s slavery in Egypt is promised as well as God’s judgement on Egypt and Israel’s subsequent possessions.
  • Genesis 50:25-26 (and Exodus 23:19) - Joseph asks, with faith in God’s promise, that his bones be taken out of Egypt and buried in the land promised to Israel by God. When Israel leaves, they take Joseph’s bones with them.
  • Exodus 3:18-22 (and Exodus 12:35-36) - According to this passage, Pharaoh will not let Israel leave “except under compulsion”. God will provide the necessary compulsion, however, and Israel ends up plundering the Egyptians! God will defeat the greatest empire on earth and will lead His people, who were slaves at the time, away with the spoils of war.
  • Exodus 4:22-23 - God describes Israel as His firstborn son whom He will protect and defend. Either Pharaoh lets God’s firstborn (Israel) go, or Pharaoh’s firstborn will die.
  • Exodus 12:12 (and Numbers 33:4) - The plagues, and more specifically the killing of the firstborn of Egypt, are a judgement “against all the gods of Egypt”. God is attacking and defeating the ‘gods’ of the greatest nation on earth.