The Audacity of Man-made Religion

October 2, 2017 · 286 words · 2 minute read Thought   Man-made Religion   Arrogance   Strange Fire   Nadab and Abihu   Sin   Leviticus   Old Testament  

Man-made religion is futile and abhorrent for a few reasons, but one, particular horror towers above the rest. Behind man-made religion is the arrogant declaration that we define the terms of our relationship with God. Thus, it is impossible for man-made religions to worship anything but man himself.

One of the clear themes throughout the Bible is that it is God who defines how His creation must/should interact with Him. We are in no position (that is, we have no authority) to come to God on our own terms. If there is a God that is anything like the one described in the Bible, He has the inherit right, authority, and power to demand how we should relate to Him. This is why the Bible uses to word “worthy” so much (read Revelation 4 and 5 for a dramatic demonstration of this). God is worthy (deserving) of everything which He demands. Whether glory, reverence, obedience, or sacrifice, God is worthy of it. It rightfully belongs to Him anyway and to deny Him that which is rightfully His is both tremendously arrogant and dangerous. Just ask Nadab and Abihu from Leviticus 10 who, probably under the influence of alcohol (see Leviticus 10:8-11), offered to God “strange fire” which was not according to God’s instructions. They died for this sin because such arrogant disregard for God’s standards does not honor Him and treat Him as holy (see God’s response in Leviticus 10:2-3).

If there is a true and living God as described in the Bible, He would have to be worshiped as He desires irregardless of what we think about it. Is the God of the Bible true? If so, are you coming to God on His terms or on yours? If you don’t believe that the God of the Bible is true, consider this decision carefully. If you are wrong, the consequences of rejecting or even ignoring the God who is deserving of all praise and honor are something to be feared and carefully considered.