2 Thessalonians

Authorship and Audience

Paul, accompanied by Silvanus and Timothy, wrote this letter to the church in Thessalonica (see 1:1).

Date and Context

This book was likely written shortly (probably a matter of months) after the first letter as it appears that Paul was still in Corinth with Silvanus and Timothy. If Paul is, indeed, writing this letter from Corinth, it would have been written sometime between 50 and 52 A.D. (refer to the "Date and Context" section for 1 Thessalonians for more details on why this is the case). It is most likely that the letter was written to the very end of Paul's time in Corinth, thus sometime between 51 and 52 AD.


  • Return of Christ. Like 1 Thessalonians, this book deals with eschatology (the study of the end times). In particular, 2 Thessalonians provides details about what will happen before Christ returns when the so-called Man of Lawlessness is revealed. Like the first letter, this letter is concerned with how we live in light of Christ's return (2:13-15).
  • Living a Disciplined Life. This letter is concerned that the Thessalonians live disciplined lives as discussed in 3:6-15. This passage is one of many that sets the standard for a Christian's work-ethic and discipline.


0. Introduction [1:1-2]

I. Persevering Through Affliction [1:3-12]

II. Return of Christ: The Day of the Lord [2:1-15]

III. Bridge [2:16 - 3:5]

A. Benediction [2:16-17]

B. Prayer Requests [3:1-5]

IV. Exhortation: Live a Disciplined Life [3:6-15]

V. Conclusion [3:16-18]

A. Benediction [3:16]

B. Closing [3:17-18]


  • The word "glory" or "glorified" is mentioned five times in this book. Verses 1:9 and 2:14, taken together, teach that the presence (or absence) of Christ's glory is part of what differentiates heaven from hell.

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